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Recycling the open line



It's Friday, thank goodness, and the line is open. That video up there? It's the work of the city of Fayetteville. Here in Little Rock, people always ask if the city REALLY recycles stuff put at the curb or just puts it in a landfill. Fayetteville offers proof that recycling is at the end of the pickup route. Plus, well, I just don't think I can recall a city-produced video like this. UPDATE: Pulaski Recycling provides link to ITS video that also proves stuff is recycled. Not so edgy.

* JUSTICE: Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been indicted for bribery and wire fraud. He was self-convicted of being a clown long ago. Maybe they could make a TV show about him. Work some music into it. And some food.

* HOW LOW CAN THE NRA GO? Not much lower in the view of Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of the former president, who has a few choice words of criticism for the NRA's nasty ads about armed security for the president's children.

* MORE REPUBLICAN GIMMICKRY: As Republicans recognize the price of collapsing financial markets by refusing to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, they've cooked up a way to put the blame on Democrats. The latest scheme is to force the House to go without pay if they don't adopt a budget. The budget, of course, would be a Republican budget on the House side. I guess you could always play games like this. Pass my pet project or I'll suspend pay. It's no way to run an adult government. It cuts both ways, of course. Wonder if House Repubs have a strike fund courtesy of the Kochs and similar? The president, BTW, has made it clear he will accept only a clean vote on the debt ceiling. The U.S. should pay previously approved expenditures.

* NAMING RIGHTS: The Little Rock Zoo will observe World Penguin Day Sunday. No, they won't be barbecuing any. But you can go by the gift shop and pick up a form to enter the penguin naming contest for the young'un born at the zoo last October, shown below. Chilly Willy has been taken.


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