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Sunday night line: Ouster at Arkansas Heritage, Hillcrest hit and run



The Sunday night line is open. Some news:

* DEPARTURE CONFIRMED AT ARKANSAS HERITAGE: It didn't take long for Martha Miller, the new director of the Arkansas Heritage Department, to oversee changes after her appointment Friday. A blog reader reported to me that Karen Smith was no longer director of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, having departed the agency after a meeting Friday with Miller. I have been unable to reach Smith. But I received this comment from Miller this afternoon:

Karen Smith is no longer with the Department of Arkansas Heritage. Agency Assistant Director Chris Colclasure has been named Interim Director. We will have no other comment.

Smith's tenure, it happens, came up in comments on the blog following some earlier agency turmoil at a museum under the department's direction. The agency she headed works to conserve natural areas.

* KAVANAUGH HIT AND RUN: An elderly woman was struck while crossing Kavanaugh Boulevard at Beechwood Avenue about 9:30 a.m. this morning. Witnesses gave police description of a truck that hit the woman and then, according to one account, ran over her again before driving off. According to Channel 4, police are looking for a Ford F-150 with an extended cab and military license plates. Sketchy information so far on the woman who was struck and her condition. Lots of discussion at Forbidden Hillcrest.

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