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Early etc. open line UPDATE




Family obligations are ramping up. So I'm going to open up this line early. I may get back. I may not.

The photo above was snapped yesterday at 2nd and River Market during the unveiling of another piece of sculpture in the growing public art collection downtown inspired by City Director Dean Kumpuris, who's shown speaking here. This work is "Sierra," by Wayne Salge. He said he created it in 2007 as a toast to women and hospitality. Rett Tucker, who led an effort to install the sculpture, with benches, landscaping and other improvements to the corner, paid tribute to several females who figured in the effort, including his wife, Becky; Meredith Berry Hickerson, Donna Cochran McLarty, Carolyn Wilmans Rogers and the late Mary Grace Tucker, an 11-year-old who died accidentally in 2005 and whose memorial fund helped pay for the installation..

UPDATE: How could I forget?

* ASA! As Hutchinson, the 2014 Republican gubernatorial candidate and designated bagboy for the NRA's more-guns-in-school campaign, was on ABC with George Stephanopoulos today and his gasbaggery fit right in with the usual Sunday fare. Gun control won't do a darn thing to prevent mass gun slayings, Asa! said.

Why, laws just might give people a false sense of security, Asa! said. By which reasoning, who needs laws at all? Tell the Republican legislature to stay home next year. Please.

Asa! also invoked Timothy McVeigh's work with fertilizer as a rationale to oppose gun laws. Same old same sold same old. He's a perfect stooge for the NRA's LaPierre, the craziest lobbyist in America. His answer on why not some stronger gun laws (say limits on big magazines) in combination with greater security:

“I think it takes away — it — whenever you pass those kind of laws, you think, well, we’ve done something. We’ve somehow made our children more safe, so you go home. I don’t think the job is really accomplished anything if you take that approach,” he said.

Is this the kind of thinking that should make him a sure thing in 2014? If so, the Arkansas voting majority is even worse than I thought. This ABC link has full transcript and video of Gov. Asa!

* HOG FOOTBALL STUFF: Channel 4 got some UA athletic department communications through the FOI, reveals a little of Jeff Long's search for a new football coach.

OTHERWISE: I've been cooking for Christmas. Somebody mentioned yeast rolls. These below taste great, but my learning curve with my newish oven is my excuse for some overbrowning.


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