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Hutchinson predicts 'massive' confrontation on new pot laws



ASA HUTCHINSON: Mad about marijuana.
  • ASA HUTCHINSON: Mad about marijuana.
Asa Hutchinson, a possible Republican candidate for governor (again) in 2014, makes news in Politico with a dramatic pronouncement about the legalization of marijuana in several states.

Said the former Drug Enforcement Administration director now practicing law in Arkansas:

“The stage is set for a confrontation of massive proportions,” said Asa Hutchinson, the former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Hutchinson, who headed the DEA during George W. Bush’s first term, said he sees only two options for the Obama administration, in the likely event that it doesn’t just ignore the new laws: a lawsuit against both states or enforcement of federal drug laws by federal agents.

The most likely federal response, Hutchinson predicted, would be a lawsuit arguing that federal law trumps any state efforts. The administration should “have the courts decide finally that federal law trumps and that the state law violates the federal law,” he said.

Naturally a states rights Republican federalist would desire a massive federal response against activities of which he disapproves. Voter suppression? He'll leave THAT to the states.

Naturally, the government should gear up a massive and expensive action to use the federal law to bust small-time dope smokers. Imagine him as the deranged Volstead Act enforcer in Boardwalk Empire (OK, without the homicidal tendencies).

I'm happy to see Hutchinson continue to espouse reefer madness. Medical marijuana failed in Arkansas by only 30,000 votes or so. With a little cleanup, the proposal should pass in two years, when he might find himself on the Arkansas ballot. Drug crusader Hutchinson would pit his federal supremacy not against small-time recreational users but against small-time sick people desperately seeking help for cancer and other burdens. You go, Asa!

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