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Two bulldogs dead from fire; others seriously hurt



Facebook updates from Margie Foley, a bulldog breeder in western Little Rock whose home was burned by an arsonist last week, brought me to tears this morning. Two of the dogs, Obie and Beebe, were too seriously burned for continuing treatment. They were trapped with other dogs in the kitchen when someone threw a container of gasoline through an open door and ignited it. Wrote Destiny Foley:

This is the very last picture that I took with these two just a few weeks ago. Obie thought it would be a good idea to hop up in the chair & sit on me. Bebe thought it would have been funny to follow Obie in his footsteps & also crawl on top of me the same time as Obie did. Never in a million years would I have thought my house would get broken into & lit on fire. I also never thought that my two babies would have left this world that way. I can't even comprehend why anyone would want to hurt any type of animal. My heart is broken into several different pieces & it will never get patched up from this nightmare. Someone wake me up now...

No word yet on what may have been behind this crime. The Facebook page has an outpouring of sentiment from dog lovers the world over. It was an inexplicably cruel act for any living thing. But speaking as an owner of four English bulldogs and, currently, a Frenchified miniature version, it's heightened by the universally gentle nature of the breed.

Margie Foley reported on Facebook on the other dogs:

Dawg is heavily congested on antibiotics . Aside from his face being badly burned the inside of his ears , under belly and penis is burnt . He ate and went potty good. He is confused about why he is where he is. His face is pretty swelled and Im hoping his eye on the one side isnt damaged . All the dogs have had medicated baths . Snots has burns on her pads , face and under belly , she is running a temp . The burns on her face look worse today . Justin got her to drink water so still keeping our fingers crossed. Molly has burns to her pads in the front and some on her face. Jeeves face is burned but not as bad as Dawgs . They are happy to see us when we come , seem to be taking it all in stride. Dawg and Snots are being watched closely by staff. We have the option of moving Dawg to an emergency clinc as this is the weekend just to reassure us . The vet tec lives just down the road , she has her own dog boarded here so she will be coming to check on our dogs several times . She will contact us if either Dawg or Snots starts to decline and we will move them if necessary .

I think Destiny is unloading some pics, you are free to copy or use them. Both [husband] Jeff and [son] Justin are feeling the effects of smoke inhalation today. Last night around midnight I finally had a chance to shower the soot and smell of burnt flesh off. I do have burns on the bottom of my feet but they are minor compared to what the dogs are going through . We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support ! Words can not express how greatfull we are to each one of you ! I apologize for not being able to respond to all the messages Inbox , on my wall or by txt. But please know that I am trying to answer as many as I can . I need to keep busy , if think about what has happened i just break down crying uncontrollably . We need to stay focused , we need to find a house to move to , pack etc all the while living in fear this monster will come back to harm us .

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