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Over to you. Closing out:

HEY, IM HISPANIC: AFPs Teresa Oelke.
  • HEY, I'M HISPANIC: AFP's Teresa Oelke.
* KOCH HEAD PLAYS THE VICTIM CARD: A post here yesterday noted the racial undercurrent in the anti-Obama messaging that the Koch-financed Americans for Prosperity organization is using to take control of state legislatures with Republican majorities, including in Arkansas. Teresa Crossland Oelke, the top-ranking paid staffer for the Kochs in Arkansas, took great offense at the truth. Why, she noted, she's a Hispanic female. And she has also denounced racism, she whines. Of course. That's what the smart people do. They denounce something while they take advantage of it. Hypocrisy in pursuit of a Republican majority is not only no vice, it is commonplace. Oelke is well-practiced. Though a critic of the Obama stimulus program she and her Kansas family, the Crosslands, are very successful in the construction business and have dined at the table of stimulus-funded construction projects.

* BREAKING — NOT! Multiple people have sent me links to Stephens story saying Dennis "What We Need is Another 9/11" Milligan, the publicity hound Saline County circuit clerk, is running for state treasurer. I've mentioned this twice, more than a month ago. Here and again here. Read more closely, people, dammit! The links are worth checking for a look at his press manipulation and press agentry. My nickname for him comes from his famous lead-balloon utterance as Republican Party chair. He said it back in 2007, suggesting another terrorist attack would validate George W. Bush's emphasis on the "war on terror." I quote, and if you can't believe the Democrat-Gazette, who can you believe?

"At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [9/11], and the naysayers will come around very quickly to appreciate not only the commitment for President Bush, but the sacrifice that has been made by men and women to protect this country

Milligan won't survive a primary if a strong Northwest Arkansas Republican gets in, even with Mike Huckabee's brother-in-law Jim Harris and Huckabee's former communications man, Gary Underwood, laboring to put a little polish on him.

* DOGS ATTACK AT LITTLE ROCK ZOO: Stray dogs got into the Little Rock Zoo overnight and killed five animals and injured others in the Children's Farm Animal area. Four sheep and a goat were fatalities. Zookeepers found a pit bull and a pit bull mix in the area when they arrived this morning. The dogs escaped, apparently under a hole they'd dug under a perimeter fence.

NOTHIN SAYS LOVIN: Like a ride on the River Rail.
  • NOTHIN' SAYS LOVIN': Like a ride on the River Rail.

* LITTLE ROCK IS FOR LOVERS: I told you earlier today that Little Rock had made a world list of super cool cities. Now I see that it appears on a list of "10 unexpectedly romantic cities" — for "small city fun with a presidential flair." And, hey, naysayers, a trolley ride is part of the charm.

* NOT PRACTICING: A legal eagle among Blog readers reports that Jack Gillean, the former UCA chief of staff who surrendered this week on charges related to misuse of a master key at UCA, went on voluntary inactive status as a licensed attorney June 28, not long after his abrupt resignation as the story began emerging. No reason given, but the lawyer who wrote me notes that attorneys facing troubles sometime take this step as a precaution against potential involuntary actions by the lawyer disciplinary agency.

* READY ON THE FIRING LINE: The Game and Fish Foundation and Commission and City of Jacksonville announced today that ground will broken Monday on the state's largest shooting range near Graham and Loop Roads in Jacksonville. It will accommodate archery as well as guns.

* THIRD CIRCLE OF HELL: Meant to say this yesterday. Ever tried to leave Baptist Medical Center around 5 p.m.? I'd rather be Charlie on the MTA.

* COMING OUT: WHAT WOULD THE POPE SAY: An attendee tells me 50 to 60 people attended a National Coming Out day event at Arkansas Children's Hospital (not an official event, mind you) and they included UAMS faculty and students. Would the pope allow this in a blended St. Vincent/UAMS operation on St. Vincent property? I think you know the answer.

* DEBATE: Biden won. Clear sign: Ryan spin all on Biden's style.

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