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The rising cost of the daily newspaper



With ad revenue falling, daily newspapers are increasingly looking to make up the difference. Pay walls on websites and increased subscription rates are facts of life everywhere, including at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the state's dominant newspaper.

What are the subscription rates? Readers have wondered. They report differing amounts, depending on place of delivery among others, including special offers. Here's one hint about where your rate might be heading:

The Democrat-Gazette today published one of its periodic required reports to the Postal Service on paid circulation

Annual subscription price listed on the form: $360.

The report says the newspaper had paid circulation of 159,199 on the day published nearest to the Sept. 26 filing date. Of those paid subscriptions, 3,584 were "electronic" newspapers. These are good business for the paper, which charges the same for a digital subscription as for one that requires paper, ink, printing presses, trucks and delivery people.

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