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CAMPAIGN ANAGRAM: The resourceful Rick Baber massaged the Romney-Ryan logo into this appropriate alternative.
  • CAMPAIGN ANAGRAM: The resourceful Rick Baber massaged the Romney-Ryan logo into this appropriate alternative.

Friday night line is open. Final words:

* NOISE CONTINUES: Two people report that police arrested two anti-abortion protesters at the Little Rock Family Planning clinic in West Little Rock today, apparently for noise violations in overamping their protest. LRPD is looking for a report for me.

UPDATE: LRPD says two men, one from Wichita and the other from Springfield, Mo., were arrested for disorderly conduct failing to reduce volume on their amplified messages, which a neighboring business complained about. One man also was reportedly obstructing traffic.

* ROMNEY APOLOGIZES FOR AMERICA: Sure he did. He's condemned that stupid anti-Muslim movie, just like the State Department did, prompting Mitt's premature ejaculation on foreign policy in the moments after news of American deaths.

* STRIKE OVER: The Chicago teachers strike reportedly is near a settlement that would allow and classes to resume Monday.

* MADNESS: Bomb and other threats reported at University of Texas, North Dakota State and Valparaiso University in Indiana and outside a Kansas City government building. No damage to anyone or thing so far. Keep calm and carry on. Or, if you're a wingnut, hyperventilate about security and the swarthy president. Some indication that massive KC disruption might have been a mistake related to a well-known local figure, an Egyptian native who once testified for the U.S. government against other terrorists.

* PULASKI TECH TAKES A BREATH: Pulaski Tech announced today that fall enrollment was 11,938, eight fewer than last year's record.


* SEEN THIS TRAILER?: The Pulaski sheriff's office put out an APB today for this $4,000, custom-made barbecue trailer reported stolen last week from the 5600 block of Geyer Springs Cutoff. The rig includes a smoker, a grill and a three-basket fish fryer. Roger Smith had taken the trailer to the address for use at a coming event. Neighbors provided information that leads deputies to believe it was taken away by two people driving a gray Chevy Tahoe with tinted windows. Deputies say it was driven by a black man accompanied by a black woman with bright red shoulder length hair.

* THIS IS FUNNY; AND ALSO TERRIBLY SAD: Dr Pepper sticks tongue in cheek, launches an ad that uses evolution in a playful way to sell soda pop. Religionists go batshit.


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