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Friday night heights



Odds and ends to ponder as your weekend starts.

*OCCUPY DOGTOWN: An Occupy group in North Little Rock plans to protest the Obama administration's use of military drones in front of President Obama's campaign headquarters on West Broadway in North Little Rock tomorrow. The group will gather at the headquarters at 201 W. Broadway at 4 p.m. before marching to NLR City Hall to protest the North Little Rock Police Department's drone. Then there's a house party.

*KEEPING ALMS TO HIMSELF: The Salt Lake City Tribune reports on an upcoming story in Parade Magazine in which that Mitt Romney says the reason he won't release his tax returns is he doesn't want to reveal his tithing to the Mormon Church.

*CROSSING POND, GULF FOR SCHOOLS: The Harrison Daily News has reported, we're told in an e-mail, that Lead Hill (Benton Boone County, pop. 271) has been able to keep its school district above the 350 student cut-off by recruiting foreign exchange students. The district, which fell below 350 last year, is at 361 this year, with the addition of nine foreign exchange students and three students from Mexico who are being hosted by a local pastor.


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