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Rainy day open line



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*PUDDLES: My two-year-old is busy splashing in them in his rain boots. Rain at night and again the next morning? I can't remember the last time it happened. Be gone, drought.

*DEMS GATHER: Today's the state Democratic Party Convention is happening in North Little Rock. Drew Westen, a psychology professor at Emory and the author of "The Political Brain," will be speaking at noon and then later at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner.

*WM3 IN NY TIMES: The Times checks in with the West Memphis Three today. Two things of note: Damien Echols apparently criticizes Jason Baldwin for not immediately agreeing to the Alford Plea in his forthcoming book, "saying Mr. Baldwin had grown to love prison and was acting as if he was morally superior." That's caused a rift between the two, according to the Times. And Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington talks about evidence presented to him by WM3 lawyers:

“You don’t have dot to dot to dot,” he said. “And that’s what we need if we were to reopen the case.”

Still, he said he was willing to do that if such evidence appeared. “I’m man enough to present that evidence to a judge and let the judge decide.”

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