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Republican candidates join tax lien list


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WHERES THE GOP TWITTER?: On Sen. Michael Lamoureuxs tax lien?
  • WHERE'S THE GOP TWITTER?: On Sen. Michael Lamoureux's tax lien?
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today (pay wall) did some further searching through state records and found a few more legislative candidates with tax liens in their past.

Among them were Republican Sen. Michael Lamoureux, whose law practice includes state public defender work, and a Republican financial planner from Ashdown, Daniel Linnett, who first tried to say tax liens were not a matter of public concern.

This is what I said back when a couple of Democrats turned up with some tax lien problems. I said it was a "familiar tale" of
"sloppy bookkeeping" with a long bipartisan history and a mystery why candidates with a problem didn't get out front of it, as Democratic congressional candidate Scott Ellington did.

Same holds true today. It's a news story, sure. It's also worth filing away for the inevitable day when a candidate whose financial affairs have been a little tangled starts orating about shoddy government financial practices. Republican Rep. Ed Garner's persistent failure to remit taxes was always a rich irony given his long crusade to cut taxes. A financial planner with tax problems? Ouch.

I bring it up because 1) I mentioned Joyce Elliott and Scott Ellington and Q. Byrum Hurst, among others and 2) because of all the chortling, winking and nudging Republicans did about tax woes of Democrats. Such as the Arkansas Republican Party Twitter about former congressional candidate Q. Byrum Hurst.

Wonder if @argop will twitter ICYMI that Lamoureux and Linnett have had tax liens with the state?


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