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Petrino coming out on ESPN




Fired Razorback football coach Bobby Petrino has given his first post-scandal interview to ESPN. Channel 4 reports, quoting ESPN's Joe Schad, that the interview will begin airing this afternoon. Petrino is described as remorseful, apologetic and emotional.

More from KARK:

Petrino addressed both the affair and his dismissal. He appeared remorseful, apologetic and emotional. "How did I possibly do this," Petrino questioned after being asked by Schad how he got involved in an extramarital affair. "I'm just trying to put my finger on the why."

When asked why he recommended Jessica Dorrell, who he admittedly had an affair with, be hired as part of the football program, Petrino said there was no good answer.

"There's no justification, there's no excuse," responded Petrino. "When I look back on it, there's no good answer...I take responsibility for it and I really am sorry."

Petrino said it's hard to pinpoint his biggest mistake.

"It all goes back to the fact I had an affair and cheated on my wife."

Brummett Twitters:

petrino giving penitent interview on espn today and next few days. if he does well, let's hire him back at much-less pay.

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