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LR police begin 'gun-free initiative'



The headline on the Little Rock Police Department news release caught my eye. Gun free?

Those are fighting words to the gun nuts.

Turns out the LRPD was announcing a joint exercise with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to target neighborhoods for enforcement of federal firearms laws, such as prohibition of possession by felons, drug users, domestic abusers and others.

The news release:

The Little Rock Police Department, in partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will begin working in designated areas of the City of Little Rock to reduce the illegal carrying and usage of firearms.

In incidents where officers have contact with individuals in possession of a firearm or ammunition, they will review the facts, criminal history of the individual involved, and other factors, to determine if the criteria are met for a Federal Firearm Violation. Seeking violations under Federal statue will enhance penalties and sentencing for crimes committed using and/or possessing a firearm during the commission of a crime, or the possession of firearms or ammunition by certain persons.

This City wide initiative will begin Saturday, August 4, 2012 and will continually be monitored for its effectiveness.

Attached please find Federal statues that will be used during this target period.

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