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Sunday night line - Pulaski Tech/Ark. State edition



The Sunday night line is open. A scrap of news courtesy of Facebook:

* PULASKI TECH LEADERSHIP CHANGE: John Barnes, the Little Rock securities executive (and long-ago newspaperman) who's been a key leadership figure on the Pulaski Tech Board of Trustees throughout its growth surge, apparently will not be reappointed to the board by Gov. Mike Beebe. See Barnes' Facebook post on the change on the jump. I wonder if Barnes got on the wrong side of the powers that be in sticking with the school's plan to build a new culinary school in Southwest Little Rock rather than downtown, as the business establishment preferred.

* HOW CRAZY IS ANTONIN SCALIA? PRETTY CRAZY: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in a Fox interview, was all over the place today. He again criticized Chief Justice John Roberts' support of the health care reform act. He said, however, that gun control limits were possible under the Second Amendment. But that "bear arms" thing is critical, Scalia said. It may, for example, allow you to own a hand-held rocket launcher. But a cannon? No, you can't carry that. A satchel nuke is presumably AOK

* BREAKING FOOTBALL NEWS: ASU has issued a statement saying Michael Dyer has been dismissed from the football team.


Though the official announcement has not been made, my 20 year tenure as a Pulaski Technical College Trustee has come to an end. I was informed by letter Friday from Gov. Beebe that he was appointing some one else instead of reappointing me.

Beebe is the first Governor since Frank White who has not given me a gubernatorial appointment. That includes both Republican and Democratic Governors. (Frank appointed me to the Arkansas Arts Council where I served for 11 years before accepting Bill's appointment to the PTC Board of Trustees)

And though I may not be a Trustee, my passion for PTC, its people, and foremost its students will not wane.

During my tenure, the school awarded about 23,000 technical certificates or 2 year degrees. We have diesel technicians starting at $40,000 a year. We have a graduate from the Culinary School making $80,000 a year. We were involved in training employees for the start up of Catepillar plant and the L.M. Glasfibre plant.

PTC's tentacles are long an wide in every phase of economic life of Central Arkansas.

And PTC has prepared many students to go on to earn 4-year degrees at nearby universities.

I thank God for allowing me to serve Arkansans is this role, and for the small role I played in helping many people improve their lives through education.

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