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Lawmaker aims to expose ALEC



Love this. A Democratic state legislator from Wisconsin who's running for Congress is going to join the American Legislative Exchange Council convention in Salt Lake City this week. Objective: Sunshine. Wonder if any of the Arkansas legislators in attendance will put coats over their heads to shield their identities. News release:

State Representative Mark Pocan will attend the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Conference in Salt Lake City between Wednesday and Friday, July 25th-27th. ALEC wines and dines state legislators nationwide in an attempt to lobby for model special-interest legislation. Over the past few years, public awareness of troubling legislation promoted by ALEC has caused many companies to leave the organization. In 2012, Pocan introduced the ALEC Accountability Act, which would require ALEC to register as a lobbying organization and own up to its illegal practices.

Maybe he can join the next meeting of the Koch boys' Americans for Progress and do similar. What about it all you pro-disclosure Republicans? More disclosure for ALEC?

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