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Green Party candidate apparently too young to run



The Arkansas secretary of state's office has notified the Green Party that its 1st District congressional candidate, Jacob Holloway of Jonesboro, doesn't appear to be eligible to run because he won't attain the age of 25 by time he'd take office if elected. He turned 24 in March according to paperwork he filed as a candidate. A letter to the party asks for clarification. Said a news release:

The Elections Division has notified the Party and the Candidate of the potential problem with the candidate’s paperwork, given the approaching date for certification of names to the ballot for November. The Party and the Candidate have seven (7) days to correct the paperwork, or otherwise present information that would resolve the issue.

If he is ineligible, the Green Party will be unable to name a substitute, leaving incumbent Republican Rep. Rick Crawford and Democrat Scott Ellington as candidates for the seat. CORRECTION: I forgot to mention Jessica Paxton of Marion, the Libertarian candidate.

UPDATE: Green Party says secretary of state doesn't determine eligibility. It says Congress judges eligibility and could wait until Holloway turned 25 to seat him.

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