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A Rockefeller for the future?



  • Lance Johnston/UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture
Is there another Rockefeller who might pursue public office?

One potential candidate might be Will Rockefeller, Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller's son, who talked about politics recently with Steve Brawner for Roby's Brock's Talk Business Quarterly. This particular comment has drawn a lot of attention:

Well, one of the biggest things holding Arkansas back, my grandfather noted, was the lack of a two-party system, and there’s been a lot of talk over the course of the last year [centered around the questions:] Would Winthrop Rockefeller fit into today’s Republican Party? Would he be considered a Republican today? And both sides of the aisle, both Republicans and Democrats, have really tried to hammer out that issue. I’m not going to talk about that.

I can see where that topic is best assigned to the history books by someone with a potential political future. Because, honestly, it is hard to envision young Rockefeller's grandfather joining the no-creed-but-greed crowd that seems to dominate the Republican base today (and perhaps is the major explanation for its recent political success). WR proposed major tax increases. He supported government spending on the less fortunate. He generated real warmth among black voters. It is hard, also, to imagine him in the vanguard of the anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, pro-death-penalty camps that are so important in the party today.

Rockefeller, 25, is currently working for Republican Sen. John Boozman. The future?

TBQ: Do you have thoughts, at least, of running for office someday?

Rockefeller: Perhaps. A lot of people ask me when I’m running as opposed to whether I am, as if it’s a foregone conclusion. I don’t think anyone wants a 25-year-old making decisions that affect the lives of individuals around the state. I know I currently don’t have the experience, maturity, nor desire to run at this time. ... I’m not sure what the future holds.

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