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Episcopalians approve blessing for same-sex unions



This religion news, reported in New York Times, already has some conservative religionists in Arkansas a-Twitter:

The Episcopal Church on Tuesday approved an official liturgy for blessing same-sex unions, enabling priests who have the approval of their bishops to bestow the church’s blessing on gay couples whether they live in a state where same-sex marriage is legal or not.

Not that there are many Episcopalians left, but this will be ready fodder for religious conservatives. Example:

Sen. Jason Rapert, who's prone to declaim authoritatively on whose brand of religion is correct on moral matters, had already commented on the bishops' vote earlier on the issue via his Twitter feed:

Sen. Jason Rapert ‏@jasonrapert
“@AP: Episcopal bishops approve an official prayer service for blessing same-sex couples: http://apne.ws/NXsYql -RAS” Not in the Bible.

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