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Cheerleader moms in Sherwood get national ABC exposure



If you somehow overlooked it, be sure to check out Robert Bell's post on Rock Candy about an ABC feature on the Tiger Moms who are wild about competitive cheerleading.

It's the subject of a new reality TV show and the super competitive moms of Sherwood were featured in the ABC report. Rock Candy leads off:

For those blessedly unaware of the concept of "Cheer Perfection," produced by the good folks who brought us "Toddlers & Tiaras," the special exploits highlights the aspiring young cheerleaders of Cheer Time Revolution and their not at all overbearing and awful mothers. The show "takes us inside a world where moms are unapologetic about living vicariously," Chang says, shortly before cheer-leading mom Ann Robinson totally admits that the moms do indeed live vicariously through their daughters. Robinson then relates a sad tale about how her daughter Torin played softball recently and everybody got a trophy.

"Well that's not fun to me," Robinson said. "I want to know that my kid is No. 1."

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