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Sunday night coming down



Who know how cool 89 with a breeze could feel? Final notes:

* PEABODYIZATION: Reader reports seeing a photo of LR skyline at Clinton National Airport from which the Peabody brand has already been scrubbed from the side of the downtown hotel. Not sure which photo he's referencing. If anybody has a photo, send it along.

* FORBIDDEN HILLCREST: Curious about this sight — a Little Rock patrolman escorting a handcuffed suspect to a patrol car parked on Midland Avenue, just south of Lee Avenue, about 3 p.m. today. The suspect was a lanky young man — teen to early 20s maybe, long brown hair, tie-dyed T-shirt. Clues?

* CYCLIST KILLED: Fox 16 reports the death of a bicyclist struck Saturday night by a pickup at Plateau and Pine near UAMS. The cyclist reportedly was wearing flip-flops while riding a new bike that seemed to require special bike shoes that lock into pedals. He seemed to have trouble stopping the bike at the intersection.

UPDATE: Forbbiden Hillcrest reported later that the victim, Jevon Newman, was a first-year resident physician in the emergency department at UAMS.

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