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Stand-up-to-the-Kochs open line



I've been slacking today. So here's the open line. But a few final words:

* CELEBRATING JULY 4 IN STYLE: The YouTube above and this Denver Post article in detail illustrate how a Colorado man — fed up with the bullying ways of the uberrich Koch klan — pulled a Tiananmen Square protest during a July 4 parade in Paonia, Col. Tiananmen Sid, as the hairdresser is now known, stared down the barrel of a tank plaything owned by billionaire energy magnate Bill Koch during the parade. This wasn't a military protest, but a protest of Koch's effort to cut off public access to land near his ranch and, presumably, the Kochs general disdain for others with less money and the air they breathe.

* WEST MEMPHIS THREE: John Mark Byers has joined Pam Hicks in the FOI suit against the city of West Memphis to see evidence collected in investigation of the deaths of their children in the West Memphis Three murder case. Why the city is bowing its back against a review of the evidence in a closed case is beyond me and law.

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