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Republicans push gay marriage to U.S. Supreme Court



The Republicans clearly think they still have a winner in beating up on gay people. Until the current crop of old folks die off, they might be right, if polling is a measure.

The House Republicans have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies legally married same-sex couple of benefits available to heterosexual couples under federal law. Doesn't sound like equal protection to me. Sounds like discrimination against a certain type of person. Given the political and religious orientation of the dominant conservative wing of the Supreme Court, it might still be a court winner for Republicans.

Human rights will suffer if Republicans prevail. I'll continue to be convinced — though I may die before proof is presented — that justice is coming based on far greater tolerance among younger people. The Arkansas Republican congressional delegation — for all intents and purposes including Mike Ross on this issue — will ride this trick pony for all its worth. Said scotusblog:

The House GOP could have waited as much as three months before pressing its appeal to the Supreme Court. By filing its challenge there in just a single month, it apparently sought to add urgency to the case. Under normal procedures, the Court would not even consider whether to grant or deny the review until it holds its first Conference of the new Term in the week of September 24, ahead of the official opening of the new Term.

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