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I continue to receive copies of e-mail between Larry Bailey, the 4th District Republican chairman, and representatives of a Republican Party movement that favored Ron Paul in the presidential nominating process. The Pauliacs reportedly managed to win a handful, maybe four, of Arkansas delegates seats for the national convention in the district caucusing process by careful attention to rules and better turnout than other Republicans.

The small contingent among the 36 can't accomplish much at the Tampa national convention except make a little noise. But there are some in the party who'd like to figure out a way to exclude them entirely. There's talk of a movement against them at a coming state committee meeting. Best to ignore them, I think, lest the mainstream media finally get interested in real intraparty dissent, unlike the fascination with the John Wolfe protest vote in the Democratic primary. The state protest vote against Obama was real enough, but it had almost no representation among people actually seeking Democratic delegate slots.

The Bailey letter below gives you a flavor of papal-style discipline imposed in the GOP these days. It is "unethical" to use the rules against the majority will. This might give you a flavor of what a Republican majority legislature holds for Arkansas, when the majority "will" conflicts with rule, law or constitution, be it in religion, health, school or other practices. A good example came yesterday, when Republicans such as Mark Darr and Jon Hubbard demonstrated total deafness to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down most of Arizona's punitive anti-immigration law.


Subject: FW: Ethics

This is the letter I retuned to the gentleman from bottom of the page who is questioning my ethics. I am the Gangster you are the RINOs. Please send me any comments or suggestions about my response you think would make it clearer to this gentleman and his cohorts where we stand on their positions about our Republican Party.

I have received three letters and one phone call from these delightful people to date.

Larry Bailey
Gangster Republican


From: larryhsnp@msn.com
To: brad@bradhuff.com
Subject: RE: Ethics
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 14:15:48 -0500

Dear Mr. Huff;

I am pleased you enjoyed my little speech; if you had an ethical bone in your body you would realize that when a minority group uses rules to usurp the will of the people, while it may be legal, it is most certainly unethical. The Republican electorate voted over73% for Romney and less than 14% for Ron Paul to be their candidate for the Presidential nominee of our party. The stealth campaign ran in the Fourth District was ran and coordinated by individuals outside the District. Two of the Delegates elected were not and never have been members of any Arkansas County Committee and one had joined 60 days before. When the two non members filed the counties in which they live attempted to contact them and have them come and meet the members of the local committee but they refused to even accept a phone call. You can be assured that my organization is working diligently to keep the 73% of the Republican Electorate informed as to what organization usurped their will.

I have had numerous conversations with members of the "Constitutional Republican" Party: and in the end they all admit to being Libertarians'. In other words they are RINOs; Libertarians' posing as Republicans. There is in fact a Nationally recognized Libertarian Party and those who claim allegiance to it but join the Republican Party are the unethical ones.

I perfectly understand the rules, and the election of the Delegates to the Republican National Convention of the 4th District of Arkansas was conducted by me within those rules. You sir are misinformed when you say that the picking of Delegates at Special Conventions is separate from the will of the People in the Primary Election. A lesson you and the others of your organization are about to find out in the near future.

As to my credibility, I challenge you to pick any member of your organization, Soranno, Gallas, any one and run them against me in a contest before the members of the Fourth Congressional District Republican Party, then let everyone see the results. As far as my Personal credibility with you is concerned, I could care less.

Now on to your "newsflash"; The Republican Party as I have known it is alive and well, and thanks to the little wake up call you and your small band of miscreants sent, we are growing stronger everyday. All of my County Chairmen are in contact with me on a regular basis and are recruiting new members vigorously.

Now, your comment that I should be ashamed of myself, I conducted the the 4th District Special Convention strictly by the book as I have always done so in my three terms as Garland County Chairman and one term as State Committeeman as well as my three campaigns for Justice of the Peace and one for State Legislature. I am not going to defend myself against off the cuff accusations from someone like you who does not know me from Adam, you need to do a little research before you state making personal attacks on people you do not know.

As to my being ashamed to call myself an American, try this on for size; Drafted a Private in the U. S. Army in 1965 retired a Full Colonel in August 2004; Three years combat in Viet Nam, Silver Star, Bronze Star, 6 Air Medal, 3 ARCOM, all together 21 decorations and the Combat Infantry Mans Badge and Master Army Aviator Wings. I bled for my country just like the founding fathers did, how about you? I had one of your group tell me I and other retired military were part of the problem as we are feeding at the trough of government welfare. How do you feel about that.

What I have found in my 68 years on this earth is when people call other people names such as Gangster and Thug it is to cover up their inability to make a logical argument. The very arrogance of you and your group to proclaim to be the sole descendents of the founders here to teach the purpose of the Constitution, and the intent of the founders is so absurd it can only be defined as Ignorance. In truth you are the prevaricators of the meaning of the Constitution and the Liberty it brings.

Lastly, Benjamin Franklin when asked by a lady upon leaving Constitution Hall, "What sort of Government have we Sir', Mr. Franklin answered "A Republic Madam, if you can keep it. A Republic Mr. Huff exists to elect Representatives of the People who then see the Peoples voice is heard. It is called Representative Democracy. Secondarily, it protects the minority voices against being ignored by the Majority.

You Have a very nice day Mr. Huff,
Larry Bailey, Gangster Republican

I am the Chairman of the National Park Community College Board of Reagents, if you would like a class in civics let me know and I will assist you in getting enrolled.


Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 08:21:12 -0700
From: brad@bradhuff.com
To: larryhsnp@msn.com
Subject: Ethics

I just watched a video of your little speech where you say it was right but not ethical for the Ron Paul supporters to become delegates. You refer to these people as elements outside the party and accuse them of working outside the party.

Your type disgusts me Mr Bailey! You clearly haven't got a clue how the process is intended to work and as such, have no business being involved in the process. If you've spent 30 years working this way, then you just lost ALL credibility with me. The founders intent was for those who are active and engaged to become delegates. The primary is not the deciding factor for delegates. The caucus determines those delegates and has ZERO relation to the primary. Perhaps this lack of understanding on your part has obviously led to your credibility gap? Might I suggest you do some research on what the founders intended the delegate process to be?

I have a newsflash for you Mr Bailey, the GOP as you have known it is dead. The days of ignoring the rules and behaving in what appears to be a very unethical manner are coming to an end. The more obstacles like yourself that are encountered along the way, the harder we will work to remove you.

You should be ashamed to call yourself an American after the way you disregarded the founders intent.

You sir ARE the very definition of gangster Republican. It obviously strikes a nerve for you to be called out for what you are. Thug is a better term for you sir. Learn the process, learn the intent of the founders, learn some ethics! Consider that only 10% of the populace supported the Revolution. Where would you be today were it not for that brave 10% Mr Bailey? Think hard about that before you ignore the rights of the people again. You might also consider this is a Republic, not a Democracy. Have you forgotten that too? In a Republic, the voices of the few are protected from the voices of the many. Maybe you should try an introductory civics course at the local community college?

Good day sir!

Brad Huff

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