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Ozark Tea Party continues to make national waves



The racist joke Inge Marler told to an appreciative crowd at a recent Ozark Tea Party rally in Mountain Home continues to reverberate.

Here a post examines exploitation of race in right-wing Republican circles for political gain.

All Republicans and Tea Party members aren't racist, of course. But there's something in that water:

According to the 2010 Gallup study already cited, only 35 percent of white Tea Partiers said they thought blacks were “hardworking” (in distinction to a still appalling low 55 percent of the general white population that does) and only 45 percent said that African Americans were “intelligent” (compared to 59 percent of the wider white population.) Such beliefs – that blacks are not as smart as white people and they seek to avoid responsibility – lay at the heart of Marler’s joke.

As noted in a previous post (“Those White GOP Voters In Alabama and Mississippi at http://republicanracism.blogspot.com/2012/03/republican-racism-example-35-those.html) about 21 percent of the white members of the Tea Party-dominated GOP in Alabama believe that interracial marriage should be illegal and 29 percent – almost one third – in Mississippi think so-called “miscegenation” should be banned. About 45 percent of the largely Tea Party supporting white Republicans in Alabama incorrectly believe that President Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim, white a majority (52 percent) in Mississippi hold on to this racist myth.

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