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Republican convention delegation includes Dr. Rhoda



I was going to kindly provide a link to the Arkansas Republican Party website so readers could peruse the delegation chosen for the national convention in Tampa later this summer.

But unless I'm missing something, the website currently is not functioning. Expired, the page says. MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: It's working again.

Though Romney discipline was imposed on the elected at-large delegates, I was curious how many of the "constitutional Republicans" will make the trip as district-level delegates harboring still-burning love for Rick Santorum, Ron Paul or others vanquished by Mitt Romney. They got short, make that no, shrift in the daily newspaper account this morning, though complaints preceding the meeting had indicated a feeling on the part of establishment GOPers that the Pauliacs threatened to disenfranchise the primary voters who gave Romney majority approval in Arkansas. One unpledged delegate, Secretary of State Mark Martin's press spokesman, Alex Reed, did make the cut (invoking the Arkansas Blog as a battle cry according to one Twitter I saw) but he promised to be true to Romney. Glad one of the secretary of state's non-partisan staff members is on board, demonstrating for all to see the worth of Martin's early pledge to keep the office out of politics. Wait until Martin mounts his Curtis Coleman-inspired election fraud SWAT team if you want to see some real non-partisanship at work.

I was also happy to read that Dr. Johnny Rhoda of Clinton, a financial planner and preacher, had made the national convention delegation.

Never hurts to have a man holding a doctorate in business administration from Belford University in your convention delegation if a complicated matter arises, say a discussion of the job creation achievements of Bain Capital.

If only the Repubs had elected that other noted Belford U. scholar from Clinton, Dr. Max Sniffingwell. If you haven't met him before, check the link to Ernie Dumas' column in previous paragraph to learn more about the Clinton Ph.D.s


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