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Huckabee: Clinton better at governing than Obama



Mike Huckabee made the Sunday gasbag shows today and praised Bill Clinton (a safe move given the former president's popularity) as a way to denigrate Barack Obama. I wonder, speaking of comparative skill at governance, if Huckabee would agree Clinton was a better governor, too, than somebody else he could think of?

Huckabee joined the GOP Message Factory chorus by overhyping Clinton's remark — nothing but simple wisdom — that tax reform wasn't going to happen the next few months so was pointless to pursue until next year. He also joined the Republicans' dishonest sound bite snipping on an Obama remark on the economy. If Republicans messengers are right — and they usually are when it comes to assessing the ease with which the electorate may be manipulated — four words lifted out of context are sufficient to get the job done.

PS — Here, The Huckster gets taken down a peg for the dishonest Republican line about overpaid public employees. No, teachers don't make $100,000.

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