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Memorabilia day at the Osborne auction



M-I-C-K-E-Y: A pin that was a favorite of Jennings Osborne was bought by his daughter.
  • Brian Chilson
  • M-I-C-K-E-Y: A pin that was a favorite of Jennings Osborne was bought by his daughter.
The Times' David Koon provides a morning report from the continuing estate auction of Jennings Osborne, the medical researcher who was known for philanthropy — from Christmas light and fireworks displays to gargantuan barbecues for all sorts of causes. This is the third day of auctions of homes, equipment, collectible items from the world of sports and entertainment and clothing.

Easily double the number of people here today vs. yesterday as the auction moves into the personal items and memorabilia today after selling mostly furniture and knick knacks today. Saw Osborne family friend Bubba Wood just now. He said he spoke to Mitzi this morning, and she's doing well. "She had a good time yesterday, and it was a lot more exciting (than the house sales)," Wood said. "She said it was more fun to watch them sell it than it was to buy it."

Wood said it was his understanding that JO was approximately $3.5 million in debt when he died, thought interest has been compounded since then and some reported numbers have been inflated because they figured in assets belonging to Breezy. He said Blackmon Auctions won't release total sales until the auction is done, but Wood is optimistic the sale will go a long way toward retiring the Osbornes' debt. He reminded that there's still the Hot Springs house, boats, smokers and more going tomorrow. He also said there is a $365,000 offer on Jennings' hangar at the NLR airport, and his jet to sell.

Speaking of Mitzi and Breezy, who haven't arrived as of this writing, Wood said: "I think today is going to be harder on them, because there will be some personal items, but Mitzi, she has been impressive every day."

PS — The pin shown here, a Mickey Mouse head encrusted in diamonds, was a favorite of Jennings Osborne. It, like everything else, was pledged on bank loans. It had sentimental meaning for Breezy Osborne, Jennings' daughter, who wound up with it with a bid of $500. A sympathetic crowd may have held back because of word that she hoped for a keepsake.

CORRECTION: We got some wires crossed as we patched together some text messages through several hands. I think Breezy's husband has already commented on the pin purchase, but just to be sure, Breezy wanted to set the record straight:

We are posting a comment under an update on the blog that KARK shared on their page. I am hoping to update/correct the story of me getting Dad's lapel pin. I just want to make sure credit & honesty is given where it definitely deserved. Please let me know if you need any more info from me. I also posted a picture on my page if you want to read the story again.

This is the comment I posted on KARK's link and Tristan is posting under the Blog's update:

I think I need to correct the article. As I stood up to bid, Bonnie Blackmon of Blackmon Auction, placed it in my hands & the next thing I heard was the auctioneer yelling SOLD. There were many pieces in this auction that were non-negotiable by the bank. This piece was Dad's favorite lapel pin, and I've been eyeing it & budgeting to attempt to keep it in the family. Let's just say I haven't stopped crying much since it was placed in my hands. Blackmon Auctions has gone way above & beyond in all kinds of ways. Truly a sincere family, and I can promise you Dad would be impressed by their professionalism & friendshi


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