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Republican campaign: Definition of insanity



You know the old cliched definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

Thanks to Paul Krugman for noting that's the embodiment of the Republican political campaign — insanity.

What should be done about the economy? Republicans claim to have the answer: slash spending and cut taxes. What they hope voters won’t notice is that that’s precisely the policy we’ve been following the past couple of years. Never mind the Democrat in the White House; for all practical purposes, this is already the economic policy of Republican dreams.

So the Republican electoral strategy is, in effect, a gigantic con game: it depends on convincing voters that the bad economy is the result of big-spending policies that President Obama hasn’t followed (in large part because the G.O.P. wouldn’t let him), and that our woes can be cured by pursuing more of the same policies that have already failed.

PS: This is rich. The Romney camp blames his poor record of job creation as Massachusetts governor by blaming it on the previous governor. He made a bad situation better, he says. Sound familiar?

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