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Riverfest memories




Photographer Brian Chilson never slept during Riverfest apparently. A full look at his work available here on Facebook. You couldn't prove it by me, but I think the photo above is B.o.B. and friends working out last night.

No numbers yet but the crowds looked huge, rain stayed away and disturbances were slight, particularly given the gallons of beer washed down. And petitions were signed.


Regnat Populus 2012, the drive for a tougher state ethics law, had a good weekend after the early glitch. No numbers yet, but I think the effort enthused the volunteers. Several have asked about signing petitions. Here are a couple of places, says organizer Stephanie Spencer:

McMath Woods P.A.
711 West Third St.
Little Rock, AR 72201

David Couch's Law office
Prospect Bldg, Suite 228
1501 N. University Ave. , LR, 72207.

You can sign, pick up, notarize and/or drop off petitions at both locations Monday-Friday 9 to 4 for the duration of the canvassing effort.

ELSEWHERE THIS WEEKEND: A family looking for fun at the new playground with a water feature at War Memorial Park (below) found it dry. Not quite so much fun. UPDATE: A power outage apparently interrupted the water for several hours, Channel 7 reported.


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