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Boys will be (chauvinist pig) boys, Chapter Umpteen



Bob Gordon is general counsel of Safeway, the major grocery chain. He gets to speak to the annual stockholders meeting. He used the occasion to make a putative joke about President Obama getting a pair of genuine Razorback Hogs in exchange for Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Secret Service man called it a good trade. Hilarity ensues.

Elsewhere, others were not amused. Then Gordon gave one of those "if anybody was offended ... " apologies. Who could be offended by use of a billion-dollar corporation's annual meeting to compare two accomplished women to pigs? U.S. Rep. George Miller is among those NOT laughing.

Dick of the day.

I used to think I regretted Kroger's takeover of the old neighborhood Safeway. Maybe not. (Though the continued decline of my Kroger is a whole 'nother book. Now the dog food they stocked for my pooch's 11 years is gone.)

UPDATE: Here's another yuk for our troglodyte readers who think pig jokes are funny. Safeway suspended an employee who stopped a man from beating his pregnant girlfriend. ROFLMAO!

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