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Oh, that social media



You tell your kids, don't you, that the Internet is immortal? That anybody with a computer can see what you've posted on Facebook and Twitter? That future employers might look askance that things you might put there?

I hope people who work in higher education are driving that message home, even if they aren't always practicing what they preach.


Like Anthony Chelte, the fired UALR College of Business dean, whose travel activities are under scrutiny, including conversion of a ticket charged as a business expense to a Hawaiian journey. Maybe he needs a new Facebook photo?

For now, you can also see a few photos and posts from his trips to France on his Twitter account. For example:

In the Eurozone this week. working with partner business school, Sup De Co Amiens, France.

The Twitter account went silent Dec. 29, days before he lost his deanship.

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