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Get on the Ron Paul bandwagon



WHERES THE COVERAGE: Ron Paul supporters seeking votes.
  • WHERE'S THE COVERAGE: Ron Paul supporters seeking votes.

Noted: Backers of Ron Paul, the Republican presidential candidate, bought a quarter-page ad in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette encouraging votes for him in Tuesday's Arkansas presidential primary.

The message, which must have cost at least a couple of thousand dollars, urges voters to send likely nominee Mitt Romney a message by voting for Paul, "the ONLY presidential candidate who will truly protect your freedom and liberty."

Well then. You have a sitting U.S. congressman. You have a legitimate presidential candidate who's followed party rules to be on the ballot. You have dedicated supporters spending money. You have a proven record of amassing delegates in other states because of the strength of your underdog candidacy.

This would be a page one story in the Democrat-Gazette if it concerned a crank Democrat, would it not? Three of them, in fact, at last count. How about one for Ron Paul? There's still one day left.

(Heh heh. Heard about some Democratic mischief makers' plans to cross over into some Republican legislative primaries?)

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