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UPDATE: Arkansas's Jeff Long mentioned for Stanford athletic director



THE LONG GOODBYE: Jeff Long gets a mention for Stanford job.
  • THE LONG GOODBYE?: Jeff Long gets a mention for Stanford job.
KNWA reported last night that Stanford University has "reached out" to University of Athletic Director Jeff Long in its search for a new athletic director. That doesn't mean he's been chosen or even that he's a finalist for the job. Given the opportunity to rule it out, however, Long, hero of the recent UA motorcycle moment, "declined to give a statement," the station reported.

Well. Two things:

* Should this come to pass, watch the fastest and most vicious hero-to-goat moment in Arkansas athletic history.

* The Farm, as Stanford was once known for being the former pastoral acreage of one of California's legendary robber barons, is a nice place to study and work, I can testify as a Stanford grad school dropout. It's thoroughly private. No FOI to worry about. The athletes HAVE to be students, too, given admission standards and class rigor. Money? Look around. Ever heard of Silicon Valley? NY Times happens to have described the low-profile billionaires there today.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, sets the tone at the company with his trademark rumpled hoodies that display no obvious brand name. He spent $7 million on a large but nondescript home in Palo Alto, a suburb so expensive that even a small, no-frills house easily goes for $1.5 million these days.

Presumably, the Stanford AD would get a paycheck big enough to afford a bungalow, at least in East Palo Alto. Here, Stanford Daily backgrounds its opening. West Virginia's Oliver Luck had been mentioned as a candidate, but he said yesterday he's staying put.

UPDATE FROM STEPHENS MEDIA: UA Chancellor David Gearhart says he's sure Long isn't going anywhere.

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