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As I figured last night, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this morning for the third time gave page one attention in the state's largest news outlet to a fringe presidential candidate, John Wolfe. Thus the Republican-promoted bandwagon for a Democratic primary anti-Obama vote got another incalculable boost from the best media of all media, the free kind.

News today is that Wolfe hasn't followed party rules and so won't qualify for delegates at the Democratic Party nominating convention. For his incompetent fringe candidacy, he's effectively been bestowed martyrdom.

Lots of candidates still are running on the Republican side of the presidential primaries in Arkansas. Several of them have a lot greater bona fides that John Wolfe. I await the page one treatment of their candidacies and what delegates will be available to them should Arkansas voters not accept the certainty of a Mitt Romney nomination.

And speaking of rules: How about some investigation of Wolfe's scant filings on campaign expenditures? The FEC on-line records show precious little. Of course, maybe Wolfe is not the one paying for all the robocalls being made in Arkansas urging a Wolfe vote. An answer to that question might be interesting. Might even be worth page one.

UPDATE: The Arkansas GOP distributed its delegate rules today. Guess what? The party has a rule, with which candidates are urged to comply, to ensure minority representation among delegates. This is the rule Wolfe ignored. I presume D-G will be hopping on a followup about whether Republican candidates are observing their party rule and if the party cares if they do or not. Right.

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