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Curt Schilling, GOP small govt. man, seeks taxpayer welfare



Rich. Curt Schilling, well-paid major league pitcher and long-time advocate of small government and personal responsibility as a campaign shill for Republican presidential candidates, has his hand out for Rhode Island corporate welfare to prop up his ailing video game company, in apparent default on state loans.

Hypocrite of the day, if not the month.

From the story:

“We got hoodwinked; we got played,” Republican state Representative Robert Watson told the Globe. “How many millions of dollars does Curt Schilling have? He can’t write a check? It’s Rhode Island that is supposed to provide the money? I think not.”

They aren't the first government to get played. Happens in Arkansas all the time, including by a current wannabe Republican politician who stung our government development agency. He, too, warbles a hypocritical tune about the glories of free enterprise. I guess it's free when you don't pay back your loans.

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