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They hate him; they really hate him



How ugly will the presidential campaign get? You can't imagine. Check out this story on a billionaire's plan to go after President Obama with Jeremiah Wright and every other race-baiting trick he can think of to take down the "metrosexual Abraham Lincoln."

If there's money to be spent on such as this, can putative "nice guy" Mike Huckabee be far behind? Of course not.

Here is the Huckster, doing a testimonial for Citizens United, a letter talking about the "morally repugnant political whores" surrounding President Obama. Nice guy. Later, Huckabee denied the letter — a copy of which is available on his letterhead — was his, but, as you can see, this is one smelly kettle of fish. Huckabee DOES work with Citizens United and its repugnant leader David Bossie, whose dirty tricks in the Clinton era are legendary (and who worked side-by-side in dirty tricksterdom on a congressional committee with future Congressman Tim Griffin. More about that later.) Huckabee deserves to scratch for lying down with these dogs.

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