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You're up. I'm out with this:

* ENDORSEMENTS: Noted for our heavy readership in Hillcrest and environs — term-limited Rep. Kathy Webb has endorsed Warwick Sabin in the Democratic primary race to succeed her. And, in the things-go-better-with-Koch-department: Koch Industries has given $1,000 to Fireball Holland, trying to hang onto a Senate seat in the Republican primary against Rick Green, who enjoys the John Paul Hammerschmidt seal of approval. Holland enjoys other support of the corporate 'bagger persuasion. Who'd've thought the day would come when JPH would appear moderate?

* PULASKI SCHOOL DISTRICT FACTS: A blog has popped up to provide more information from the labor side of the ongoing Pulaski County School District financial workout. I'm sorry the website hasn't yet posted a message sent out today with a list of things worth considering as you contemplate the state's headlong push to rid the district of teacher and employee unions and, particularly, some of the contract benefits. Like: How come money is being saved by cutting teacher contracts to 190 days, but administrators are continuing to work under 244-day contracts; how much money is being spent by six lawyers billing the district for advice; that those hard-working administrators allowed $75,000 worth of food expire; that the current interim superintendent is making a whopping $263,000; that future spending is being projected on past improvident practices since changed. The website argues, in fact, that fund balances are no longer declining in the district and so the district should no longer be in fiscal distress.

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