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Herb Rule, 2nd District candidate, supports marriage equality



  • FOR EQUALITY: Herb Rule
Herb Rule, the Little Rock Democrat running for Congress from the 2nd District, sends a statement on marriage equality:

"When we pledge our allegiance as Americans, we define this country as the one that promises 'Liberty and justice for all.' Our gay and lesbian friends and neighbors are no less entitled to equal treatment in the eyes of the law. When I see the devotion and care given to the son of a same-sex couple dear to me, I know that the love they have for their son is no different than given by straight parents. I respect and will defend the rights of those who disagree on religious grounds.

I stand in support of marriage equality."

Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin? A cursory search indicates he has, somewhat uncharacteristically, made little mention of this topic though he's otherwise a Stepford Republican on issues social and financial. The issues section of his campaign website doesn't address it. I've asked his office for a comment. No response was forthcoming. If you see Tiny Tim, you might ask him.

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