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$1 million lottery case winner: 'It's my money'



ON TODAY: Lottery ticket lawsuit winner Sharon Duncan
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  • ON TODAY: Lottery ticket lawsuit winner Sharon Duncan
Sharon Duncan, winner of a lawsuit over a contested $1 million Arkansas lottery ticket, talked about the case on NBC Today's show today.

She revealed that she'd once offered to split the ticket winnings with the woman, Sharon Jones, who fished it out of a discarded ticket bin in a Beebe store, but couldn't work out a settlement. Since winning a circuit court ruling that the ticket was hers, she said she's learned she might have a hard time getting the money.

Last week, a judge ruled that Duncan was the rightful owner of the ticket and deserves the prize money, which he ordered Jones to pay back. But Jones and her husband claim they have already spent about $190,000 of the $680,000 they were awarded after taxes and are unable to pay back the money because neither of them is currently employed. Jones and her attorney are appealing the ruling.

I know a store clerk has testified that Duncan bought the ticket in question and threw it away after it was scanned and shown not to be a winner. What I still haven't been able to find in the reporting is a clear explanation of how the clerk and Duncan were sure that the ticket Jones removed from the trash bin was the ticket Duncan had bought and scanned. Anybody?

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