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The week is downhill from here. You're on. Final words:

* HUCKSTER FOR VEEPSTER: Still more talk from conservative circles — National Review this time — about Mike Huckabee as a running mate for Mitt Romney. But please: Huckabee "winsome"?

* POST OFFICES SAVED: U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor said the Postal Service had backed off plans to close dozens of small post offices and instead would save money by reducing hours at many of them.

* INTERDISTRICT ENDORSEMENT: Ken Aden, the unopposed Democratic candidate for 3rd District Congress, took the unusual step today of endorsing a Democratic candidate in the 1st District, Gary Latanich. He faces Scott Ellington and Rep. Clark Hall in the primary. Latanich taught Aden economics at Arkansas State, an announcement said.

* AN EMMY NOMINATION FOR JUDGE GUNN: Who knew there was an Emmy award for best legal/courtroom show on daytime television? Not me. But I know it now and that "Last Shot With Judge Gunn," the infamous drug court show that originated in Fayetteville, has been nominated for one, along with America's Court with Judge Ross, Judge Bobby Brown and We the People with Gloria Allred.

* POLITICAL HARDBALL: The federal lawsuit over political redistricting continues. The big news today is Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's testimony. He said Sen. Jack Crumbly, who claims the districts discriminate against him by giving him a district with only a 53 percent black majority, threatened political retribution against him if he didn't come up with a better district. McDaniel is expected to run for governor in 2014. A strong black vote has always been a key ingredient in Democratic gubernatorial victories.

* BRIDGES TO SOMEWHERE: The Pulaski County Road and Bridge Department says electronic counters show 57,371 people used the new Two Rivers Park pedestrian bridge April 10-May 7. In 2011, 100,000 people used the nearby Big Dam Bridge, based on security camera monitors. That means the Two Rivers bridge could exceed Big Dam Bridge traffic. Building the bridges to encourage people to get outside apparently "is working," the county says.

DAMN BIG TRAFFIC: Thousands of people are flocking to the Two Rivers Bridge for exercise.
  • Brian Chilson
  • DAMN BIG TRAFFIC: Thousands of people are flocking to the Two Rivers Bridge for exercise.

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