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Turn out the lights



This week's party is over. Final words:

* THE LAST GASP: Nate Silver evaluates all the competing data and concludes that North Carolina voters will join most of the rest of the Old South and constitutionalize discrimination against not just gay marriage, but civil unions and other domestic partnerships. Voters wouldn't likely ban civil unions if all understood the measure, most agree, but that's immaterial. However ... Virginia polling is just the latest to show that, inevitably, voters, if not the courts, will roll back this discrimination just as they did discrimination on account of race. There's a striking age divide — young people don't have a problem with gay marriage; old people do. Guess which ones are likely to be around longer.

* PULASKI UNIONS SUE: The unions that represent teachers and other staff in the Pulaski County Special School District sued today to challenge the state's decision to nullify union contracts. The state took over the school district last year because of financial problems. Efforts to negotiate cheaper contract terms failed and state Education Director Tom Kimbrell, who now serves as the district school, board decided to end recognition of the unions and bust the contracts. Does a contract with a school board that no longer exists bind the state? Does the broad power given the state department to rescue failing school districts include power to break contracts? Those are the core questions, though they won't necessarily be easily answered. The lawsuit says the state has acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally and its appointment of a personnel committee as an alternative to union negotiations was invald, too. Here's the lawsuit.

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