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State money continues to trend upward



The Arkansas report on April state tax revenue take again edges toward the bright side.

Gross revenues are $200 million ahead of last year for the first 10 months of the budget year and $123 million, or 2.5 percent, above forecast.

On a percentage basis, April looked even rosier. Income was up 5.1 percent over last year and 5.9 percent above forecast.

Here's the full report.

If that pace keeps up, there might be somewhere near sufficient growth money to pay for the state's estimated portion — on the low end — of an expected enormous rise in Medicaid spending. If none of the money is used for anything else. (I say the previous with tongue somewhat in cheek. There will be other demands for money; pressure will be great to cut spending in some areas, the question being which unfortunate class gets cut first.)

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