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Fired clerks say they're taking fall on lottery probe



The Arkansas Lottery scratchoff fiasco has a thickening plot.

Fox 16 reports on an interview with two clerks fired from a Little Rock convenience store after a complaint to the Little Rock police over sales of $20 tickets that had been tampered with, apparently by someone attempting to find winners. The allegation in a lawsuit is that the store sold losers to unsuspecting customers.

The clerks say they are fall guys and that they play the lottery — and lose — like everyone else.

"It's a cover up," said Clarence Walker. "They're trying to put it on us so the Lottery Commission will be in the clear."

The Walker brothers say the whole situation would be cleared up if someone would just take a look at the security tapes from inside the Raceway. However, when Fox16 asked to take a look, the store clerks said absolutely not.

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