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You are known by your friends: see Tim Griffin and U.S. Chamber



U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin boasted today that he had again been endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Of course he was. This is the mostly partisan lobbying arm of about 45 of the country's richest corporations. They hate unions; hate taxes; hate regulation; hate workers comp; hate damage lawsuits. Generally speaking, they are not the little man's friend. Griffin and the Chamber are a match made in heaven, in other words.

Source Watch tells you more, such as about the chamber's link to the increasingly discredited ALEC, which is a puppetmaster for state legislators, generally Republican ones.

The link will tell you about other chamber horror stories, such as allegations of improper campaign spending.
Paid sick leave and expansion of child health coverage? No, says the chamber. Privatized Social Security? Yes. And on and on.

The U.S. Chamber is so bad that many local chambers of commerce have taken steps to make clear they have no association with the national organization. The city taxpayer-subsidized Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce can't very well do that. For one thing, its views or similar. For another, Jay Chesshir, the leader of the Little Rock chamber, sits on the U.S. Chamber's prestigious Committee of 100, along with Raymond Burns of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce; Paul Harvel of the Fort Smith Chamber, Perry Webb of the Springdale chamber and Randy Zook, leader of the Arkansas State Chamber.

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