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Arkansas lands on Top 10 list. Subject is ladyparts




The Jezebel website has compiled a Top 10 list on which Arkansans shouldn't be happy to appear, though elements of the ranking enjoy support, particularly among Republicans.

From The Ten Scariest Places to Have Ladyparts in America:

West Memphis, Arkansas

West Memphis, Arkansas is rotten with rape. It's one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country, with a forcible rape rate of more than 1 for every 1,000 residents. Practically a rape party.

The state of Arkansas isn't doing women any favors, either. Minors must receive parental consent before having abortions, and every woman must endure a "counseling session" designed to condescendingly convince them that the difficult decision that they're making is the wrong one (or that the ease of their decision to abort must be due to the fact that they're evil whores). A waiting period is also in place to assure that any woman who isn't barefoot and pregnant must jump through the most possible pain-in-the-ass hoops before having a legal medical procedure.

We're in a generally bad neighborhood, according to Jezebel. Memphis, Oklahoma City and Mississippi also make the list.

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