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Huckabee: No call to be vice president yet



Mike Huckabee said on Fox News he hadn't heard from Mitt Romney about being a running mate and doubts he will.

I just go merrily on about doing my business.

And what a lucrative business it is proving to be.

They say you never turn down the offer, should it come. But it would seem the offer would be the same thing facing Huckabee when he made a decision about running for president. He was beginning what has proved to be a well-compensated media career and he assessed then that Barack Obama would be hard to defeat. I don't think that calculus has changed much. I do think Huckabee could have won the Republican nomination. And, to the extent anyone lifts a ticket, he might excite the Republican base that remains thoroughly unexcited about Romney.

UPDATE: Huck says he likes Marco Rubio.

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