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AFL-CIO announces endorsements


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Labor announced political endorsements today, a decision that means some limited money and manpower for some candidates and, perhaps, a negative to wield by opponents in some cases.

Nonethless, there are some choices of interest.

I'd already mentioned the AFL-CIO's pick of Scott Ellington, the Democrat running for 1st District Congress. In the 4th District, the union gave primary back to both Gene Jeffress on the Democratic side and Texarkana cop John Cowart, no liberal, on the Republican side.

State legislative picks were almost uniformly Democratic, but the AFL-CIO gave a co-endorsement to Democrat Diana Worthen and Republican Rep. Jon Woods in the Northwest Arkansas race for Senate District 7. Sen. Bill Pritchard, the other Republican, surely will make hay out of that. It also endorsed both Democrat Johnny Hoyt and Republican Rep. David Sanders in Senate District 15 race, where Sanders has an opponent in Rep. Ed Garner.

The union's endorsement of Appeals Court Judge Jo Hart in the race for an open seat for Arkansas Supreme Court is also interesting. Judge Ray Abramson enjoys some trial lawyer and liberal support in that race, but he's widely viewed as a candidate with which the business community is comfortable. Hart's record on workers comp cases might have been an attraction for the union. Or the fact that she will remain on the court for workers comp cases if she loses this race.

Here's the full AFL-CIO slate.

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