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AG: Cameras can roll at public meetings



McDaniel: Ready for his close up
  • McDaniel: Ready for his close up

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued an opinion yesterday reinforcing the idea that it's okay to record public meetings with a video camera as long as the camera and operator aren't physically disruptive to the proceedings. McDaniel was asked to weigh in after the city council in Calico Rock voted to ban video cameras from their meetings last January.

And in case you're wondering: No, just because a public official doesn't like being recorded doesn't mean that recording him or her is, in itself, disruptive. From McDaniel's opinion: "In my view, the mere fact that a member of the public body is uncomfortable being filmed is not a sufficient reason to ban the videotaping. When it comes to videotaping public meetings, the FOIA appears to give greater rights than does the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution because... the amendment does not give people a right to videotape public proceedings."

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