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Missing bird returns to Little Rock Zoo



Tuscon the Harris Hawk

According to a Little Rock Zoo press release, Tuscon, a Harris hawk that has lived at the zoo since 2001 and went missing on Feb. 21, 2012, came home on Monday. Tuscon flew away when he was startled by a loud sound. About five weeks later, someone near Tulsa, Oklahoma (275 miles from Little Rock) noticed the bird on a private lawn and made a couple of phone calls. Soon Ryan VanZant, president of the Oklahoma Falconers' Association showed up, and Tuscon jumped on his gloved arm. As part of the Little Rock Zoo's Wild Wonders Show, the bird is trained to fly glove-to-glove, over audience members' heads. Identification bracelets on Tuscon's leg pointed back to the Little Rock Zoo, and Tuscon was sent home. The Zoo said that the bird is in good health.

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