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Ross Perot donates $1 million to Texarkana College



Ross Perot donated $1 million to his Alma mater, Texarkana College, with the promise to match community donations up to the sum of $1 million each year. The school has been struggling financially for awhile

From the press release:

“Texarkana College provided me with opportunity,” said Mr. H. Ross Perot, 1947-1949 Texarkana College student. “It gave me the opportunity to continue my education and to develop my leadership skills as president of the Student Council. A capable faculty challenged me in the classroom. Small enrollment made personalized instruction a reality. I was prepared for the academic challenges of the U.S. Naval Academy because of my association with Texarkana College.”

College President James Henry Russell said the College is thankful for Perot’s gift.

“We are thankful for Mr. Perot’s generous contribution and willingness to commit critical foundational dollars today so students of tomorrow will have opportunity like he had at Texarkana College,” Russell said. “But please know, Mr. Perot’s challenge does not solve our problems—it does build a bridge to the future to help us sustain a positive revenue stream. It greatly hinges on the tax annexation election and people voting ‘yes’ for Texarkana College to survive. Great thanks are extended to people like Mr. Perot who have attended Texarkana College, know its importance in the region, and understand the place it holds in our future.”

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